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Welcome to 2Fingers Royalty Free Music!


I am called 2Fingers who is a musician who has been performing music for 17 years in Seoul, Korea.

During that time, I have been a jazz musician and have released over 200 songs

and various genres of music to date.


The proudest thing in my life was the experience I had played on a live TV show.

The TV show that offered a chance for a musician to be selected through a competition.

After that, I was able to perform at numerous music festivals and major stages

in several countries and my music was on the TV, movies, radio.


However, these experiences did not make my original and emotional music widely used in the world.

Therefore that’s why 2Fingers want to make music that can be used in the world and

contribute to your business with reasonable prices and services.


Most importantly all music provided by this website is 100% copyrighted music composed by 2Fingers,

which informs you that you can use it in any media without royalty after purchase.

If you use royalty free music from 2Fingers, your business will have an impact.

Because it is all I want and I have put that desire in all songs.



Additionally 2Fingers Audio offers Free license through the Audiojungle and Motionelements

that you can use high-quality music on any projects,

If you have any questions about 2Fingers Audio,

please feel free to contact us.

Thank you for reading!